Nasal Reconstruction

Few fields within plastic surgery are as fascinating as nasal reconstruction. Skeleton may be missing only, in this case we will use cartilage grafts mainly of the ribs to solve the problem, and also may lack soft tissues.

* This is the most challenging part of this subspecialty within plastic surgery. The way to rebuild a nose is standardized and the best techniques have been described by Dr. Frederick Menick, a surgeon who has achieved perfection in this area and I had the privilege of knowing.

Of course I follow all his guidelines, because with his techniques we obtain excellent results. Without doubt, to rebuild the skin cover the skin of the forehead is the best option. The frontal paramedian flap is used, leaving a very well concealed vertical scar.

Nasal reconstruction constitutes a perfect amalgam between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. To achieve the best possible result, one can not exist without the other.