Aesthetic Surgery Of The Ear


Although the ears are not as visible as the rest of the face, the protruding ears can be very traumatizing for some patients, generating them such a complex that they are hiding them all the time, with hairstyles, hats, etc. This calls for attention and a permanently and exhausting state of alert.

It is also worth mentioning the trauma that can be generated in children when this deformity is present in a very pronounced way, being subject to permanent bullying by their peers.

The surgery could be done with local anesthesia, and the scar is hidden behind the ear. It is very important to make the correct diagnosis because the protruding ears can be due to two causes that can occur in isolation or in a joint way:

  • The ear shell is very detached from the skull. In this case the ear is clear in the middle of it. It is also necessary to evaluate when a portion of cartilage needs to be resected, and when not. This depends on the patient’s close examination.
  • The antihelix is flat, without the curvature that characterizes it. In this case the ear is seen output in its upper third. It is very common that this problem is not diagnosed and the patient after the operation is left with the part of the center of the ear attached, and with the upper third outwards, which is extremely unsightly.


In some patients the size of their ears is excessive and disproportionate to the skull and face. Patients consult for a solution to this problem, which can be corrected perfectly. In many cases the deformity is combined with the protruding ears. The difference is that in this case there is a very small transverse scar on the edge of the ear, as can be seen in the example shown.

It is also necessary to take into account and to observe the lobe of the ear, if it is deployed or very big, also exists the possibility of correcting it to reach a suitable balance between all the anatomical components of the ear.