Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

The Aesthetic Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgery within plastic surgery for several reasons:

  • As no face is equal to another, a special and unique surgical plan is needed for each nose. What can succesfully work from one nose, can be the ruin of another. We cannot do the same operation in every patient.
  • The elaboration of this surgical plan depends on many factors:* Making a good diagnosis: experience of the surgeon becomes crucial at this point.* The surgeon’s Sense of Proportion: the nose should adjust to each patient’s face format..*Sense of Beauty: before the surgery, the surgeon needs to have in mind the result he wants to achieve in the operating room and nt finish the surgery before achieving it.
  • The nose has no tolerance for error: In the breast, one millimeter doesn´t matter; but in the nose, it could generate an important asymmetry, and that’s why precision and a good eye for detecting assymetry becomes of vital importance.
  • It requires a lot of skill and surgical dexterity: the hand should accompany the brain.Manage of cartilage grafts becomes critical in rhinoplasty. This is more important for dropping tips or secondary cases, in which many times we have to rely on costal cartilage because we have no donor sites left in the septum or the ears to correct severly damaged noses. This is why the nasal surgeon must also be trained in extraction of cartilage grafts from this areas as well.These grafts must be carved to perfection to avoid assymetries and poor results.